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Contador America Has Been Trusted by thousands of businesses since 1976.
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Here are the items to consider:

What state is best for your new company?

What type of company is best LLC vs Corp?

How many members does it going to have?

Is your company name available?

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    Your Tax and
    accounting docs
    on the go

    We take the time to keep all of your tax and
    accounting docs nice and organized on the cloud.
    That means you can access them at anytime and
    from anywhere. We also make sure they are
    secure and backed up at all times.

    • Each Year’s Patroll Reports
    • Each Year’s Paystubs, W2s, and 1099s
    • All your Bank Statements
    • All Sales Tax Receipts
    • Any Government Letters or Correspondence
    • Month-to-month financial statements Each Year’s Tax Returns

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